Monday, February 11, 2013

#94 sunday getaway

dress : ambassador
inner, veil and manset : unbranded (bought at bazaar of course :p)
bag : tcxbgz
jeans : nevada
wedges : Up

somehow, i want to make a fashion-blogger-ish post, mwahahaha. and ended up like this :p. ah, pardon my lack of experience. by making this post, i just know that i :
1. suka mati gaya kalo dipoto. tapi suka :D *lah*
2. belum nemu angle pas biar badan terlihat langsing semampai semlohai
3. sama sekali ga bisa ngedit poto, hahaha. i used photoscape for this one. jauh lebih user friendly daripada photoshop, IMO.

so, do you like this one ? *disambut keheningan*

oh, the orange dress is very pretty, anyway. i bought it at one of the kiosk in Ambassador Mall, that sell a lot of cute clothes. actually, i planned to take photo while i walk, so you can see the cutting better. but that day was so windy, so.. yeah.

and i'm falling in love again with my old love, Wondershoe !! who doesn't love flats ?

so, catch you later, people ? cheers.

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