Friday, January 31, 2014

#109 another current addiction

howdy people ? good I believe :)
oh how I miss blogging so much... now almost everyday I going back home, tired and sleepy. almost no time to write something. but I think I have to bring the good habit back, don't you think :)

I have a weird addiction for milk tea. or teh tarik. they just taste heavenly. am a tea addict actually. since I got problem in my stomach, I have to reduce my coffee daily intake. then I moved to drink tea. (even though they have same effect, but tea is making us calmer, right ?). especially, milk tea.

my favorite is, without doubt, Nu Milk Tea. the only thing I complain about is, their size. so smaaalll... I have to buy 2 or 3 to fulfill my thirst of milk tea. *now I sound medeni kan ? hahaha*

but here's a thing. in my MCU result, the doc said that I have to reduce drinking RTD, canned drink, soft drink, etc. my blood is too kental, so it will increase the risk of hypertension, etc. means, I have to drink more water. pure water. something that I found not that easy to do. but yeah, I have to try harder !!

well am in the middle of closing overtime, so I think I will catch you all later. *kecup*

NB : notice my new font ? :)

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