Friday, April 19, 2013

#100 : a trial

howdy people !!
i'm in office now and kinda surprised knowing that i can access blogspot. but still, YAY !!
and this post will be a trial post :p

Jakarta is in gloomy mood lately. raining hard almost everyday. and of course, that caused macet everywhere. i need almost 1 hour to reach pasar festival from office. *sigh*
at that time i really don't understand why people stay in this city. or why Jokowi chose this city than Solo *lah ga nyambung*. but yes, this city has everything. soooo many attraction (and temptation).

aaanyway, to make the mood a little bit brighter while waiting the rain to stop, i usually googling. and i found these cute color pallettes by Pantone colors of Spring 2013
 aaah, those colors are so cute !!! my fave is grayed jade, eventhough it's give a little gloomy effect. and also monaco blue. pantone's colors are used and applied by so many designers. you know, trend. *nggaya*

well, a nggak penting short post for a 100th, but well, you know me :p

so, smell you later, people :D

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