Tuesday, May 14, 2013

#101 : Luke Kennedy Fever

aloha !!
how's life, people ? good i hope. i got back in gloomy and membangkang mood lately, but please pray me everything will be nice in the end :D
i'm quite busy settling things, but i still hang out w/ simbah several times a week. and this week, we have the Luke Kennedy Fever.
it's all started when mba Nisa, simbah's older sissy, who is away in Aussie, gossiping about The Voice Australia and simbah downloaded the video. me, of course, nebeng watching it.
and i was captivated by this man with superb voice, Luke Kennedy. he sang A Time For Us (Romeo + Juliet ost) and our jaws dropped. go search him in youtube and you will understand. this week he sang Sarah Brightman's Time To Say Goodbya, but i found it nowhere in yutub.

so, enjoy !!


  1. I'm also a big fan of Luke Kennedy, actually his last performance on the voice is already available on youtube, so check it out, and i'll be following your site so keep on posting articles about Luke, thanks!!! ^_^

  2. i finally watched it !!
    as usual, it was veeery good, even though i think his voice cracked a little bit in the end.

    i hope so, really :D
    oh, hello to you, btw :D


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