Tuesday, May 28, 2013

#102 memories

what is the best time in your life ? well, you may be confused answering it. because i do. i have a lot of times that i consider to be the best. but one of my favorite is surely, university. i have soooooo many memories in university, both happy and sad ones.

i spent almost all my university times being a single lady. i was so sad and thought that i was so miserable. and on top of that, i feel lonely. not much people from my high school entered my campus, so i barely knew anyone. i then joined BEM and Ikamma, where i met most of people i know nowadays. those people are hilarious and very similar with me. i love knowing them. my boarding house mates is also the best, but it's another story.

and yesterday, in Sandi and Rani's wedding, i met again with some of those people. some people who took the some classes with me, or people who hanged out with me in selasar. we talked, laughed, made jokes, did everything we did in the past.

you'll never knew you missed someone until you met them after long-time separated. i met my juniors and just realized how i missed them. i never thought about it, since only few of them that close to me. but listened to them tell their story happily, i suddenly had this thought. that i shouldn't be sad at my uni times. even if i was single, i had my friends around me. people who think i was nice and fun. they were always there. when i was looking for notes or lecturer schedule, they were always there. and suddenly i thank God i was single. God didn't gave me just a man to love, but a bunch of nice loving people to love. and big memories to cherish.

yes, our path is now separated. but deep inside, i really hope we all can stay connected.

i start to sounds mellow, don't i ?

so these are the photos from yesterday's.

anjas, nia, simbah, me, toto
simbah, the Super Legendary Pak RT, me
*maap ya san pelaminan nya dijadiin bekgron doang :D*

so, cherish your memories, with your loved ones, people :D
catch you later !!

*one of my junior said, " i miss you gombaling, mbak". should i really started it again ? :p

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